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The website you have put up is a great resource and God will definitely bless all of you. It was really helpful to me.
– Vivek


My husband and myself would like to thank Lord Jesus for blessing my womb after three and half years of marriage. We also thank the MissionOfJesus.com for their prayer support.
– Cleta Jennifer D’Souza, Kuwait


I have gone through your site and found extremely good and enrich our daily spiritual life and thanks to Lord for such a moderator.
– Babu Mathews


Kindly publish this thanksgiving note for the favors granted in my first novena and for my requests in this second set of novena prayers to St. Clare. Thank you God, thank you Jesus, thank you Blessed Mother, and thank you St. Clare.
– Mila


Praise the Lord!
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Wonderful to see a Ecumenical website in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Hearty Congratulations and prayers! Many thanks, best wishes and prayers to your efforts!    God bless you!

– Wilson


We appreciate your website. It is really useful for us who are not in Kerala. Especially songs. if you could add ‘Thalathil vellameduthu’ -the famous Osana song, it will be really great.

– Sony, UK


I wish to say Thanks to Jesus. Praise the Lord … Halleluya…Halleluya….Halleluya..

God heard my Prayer request. through Mission of Jesus. COM First I am saying lots of thanks to Mission of Jesus.
I requested to you pray for my son Paulson B.P., he was suffering from severe depression last three months.
Now he is becoming a happy boy. I believe, Holy spirit come upon him.
I (Mother of Paulson B.P.) am happy now. Once more, I want to say Thanks to Jesus.

– Mary Paily, JETRO Office, New Delhi, India.


I would like to thank you for praying and the lord for listening to your prayers, my stomach pain and for Suma’s head ache has completely disappeared. I would like to go deep into our lords heart, which is only through prayer and no one can help me with that. so please give some advice and tips which will be beneficial for our spiritual life.

We have made it a practice to wake up at 3AM to meditate and pray to Divine Mercy followed by the Rosary. Even though i go back to bed again, today I stayed awake after that. We are taking some small steps to improve our faith and pray when ever its possible. Its difficult to make time in this busy world with a child, wife and work. I hope the lord will understand this.

BTW thank you for all the support and prayer for our family.
– Neil


Many thanks for your prayer support. My wife delivered a healthy baby girl on Aug 23rd. Everything was perfectly normal. Both the mother and baby are doing great. Please continue remembering our family in your prayers.

Praise the Lord!  With Love & Prayers,
– Sabu


This is just to congratulate you for making this wonderful website, where I feel at home with mass, rosary, way of the cross and beautiful hymns. Whenever I have free time in the office my only one longing is to get into some wonderful spiritual website like this and be there without any problem for hours together.
May god almighty bless each and everyone who has been an instrumental for this wonderful website.
– Sally George, Bombay


Hope this mail finds you in good health & happiness. Thank you for your prayers. I’m completely alright. Thanks to God .Nathan is doing fine. Please continue your prayers for him. His speech has improved a lot, but he still has some problems. I work long hours 0530am to 0630pm.When I come home. I hardly have any time. That’s why I could don’t write to you earlier. Please continue your prayers for us. Neil I would like to chat with you on the net sometime.
– Soumathy. C. Prosper


Thank you very much for being kind & helpful to your sincere prayers and me & fast for my family and me. My humble request to you is that if you could read my testimony to everybody where you conduct prayer meeting & also in Malayalam charismatic. I would also appreciate if you could put in your site where people can read my testimony about how god has performed miracles in my life. I pray to god to bless you and your family. Especially I pray for you & your family’s needs. Thank you once again for all your prayers and please continue praying for me and my family for all our needs.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

the greatest gift a person can have is the gift of life and the most powerful, one true almighty goad has blessed me with this beautiful gift. Today if I am alive it is only because of god’s mercy and I thank heavenly father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and especially mother Mary who intercedes for me and my family for all our needs.

The first incident took place when I was accidentally burnt from head to toe with boiling water, which fell on me when I was 4 years old, and lord Jesus Christ healed me completely without any scars or traces left behind.

The second incident took place when i was feeling breathlessness and i consulted best of doctors which were not able to diagnosed my case and when I was in India, a general physician diagnosed that my mistral valve has been badly calcified and I have to go for a bypass surgery, if not my life would be in danger. My God, the mighty one was merciful to me and provided me all financial help and a good doctor who operated me in one of the best hospital in Bombay. My surgery was successful in spite of being a major one.

The third incident is that I often used to get severe pain in my stomach and when I went to the doctors he used to diagnose as gas problems and treat me for that, the pain would not subside I used to be miserable because of this pain. Once a friend of mine told me about a brother who has a gift of revealing the inner health problems I went to him, he prayed over me. It revealed to him that my pain is due to the lumps i have in my stomach. I went to the doctor and went through some tests which showed I have 3 cysts in my ovaries which is in critical condition and if not operated it may lead to emergency condition. I was very much worried because I was facing financial problems and leave problems as well as i had finished my yearly leave. I was earnestly praying and once again god showed his mercy to me by sending me financial help I needed for my surgery through some brothers and sisters in Christ, my leave was sanctioned again and a good doctor has been already arranged for my surgery. God has also revealed through some brother who was fasting and praying for me that he is healing me through surgery.

God has also performed lot of other miracles in my life such as he has blessed me with a good job & a good boss who is kind and helpful to all the staff. He has saved me and my family from lot of accidents and when we were facing financial or health problem god was always there to help us.

I have no words to thank our loving lord Jesus Christ. It is through god’s mercy that i stand before you today alive and I am sure that even this time my surgery will be a successful one and I will stand before you and testify the same.

I would request all my brothers and sisters in Christ to testify the same whatever god has done in their lives as Luke 12:8 Jesus said I assure you that those who declare publicly that they belong to me, the son of man will do the same for them. But those who reject me publicly, the son of man will reject them.

I once again thank heavenly father, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and specially mother Mary for answering my prayers.

Yours sister in Christ

Juliet Louis


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